I am blissfully immersed in my vacation goodness. I have been shopping with my christmas money and look at this great loot I bought:

Target tea set

This fine little number was only $20 from Target, inadvertently, thanks mom and dad!

Target Tea Set

The local quilt shop was having a huge sale and I just couldn’t resist. These fabrics will be going into market and temari ball bags that I will be putting into my shop under Handmade Goods, that will take a couple weeks at least though, I’ll keep you updated.

Fabric from the Quilting Connection

And here is where I am on Jason’s scarf:
Jason's Scarf Progress

I just posted this week’s midweek post for craft leftovers, so be sure to check that out. I made a little to-do list from mis-prints of patterns, a gift bag and some scrap book paper.

To-do List Tear Out Notebook

In other news, I’m just about set to put some drawings up for sale in the shop. I’m thinking they will be up by noon tomorrow if not sooner. I added a shop page with sub-links last night, took pictures today, and tomorrow I will post.

See you all then!

++Kristin Roach++