Well folks, after much thought, I’ve decided to make the move! I’m on my new blog and I’m hoping you will follow me over here.

After moving Craft Leftovers to wordpress, I realized how much Blogger was lacking for me… I needed a little elbow room. Well, now I have it!

I’m hoping to post more often and to start taking advantage of my camera and my love of photography. I also finally have a scanner again, so I’ll be posting sketch book stuff more regularly too.

Yesterday I gave into the Temari craze that has been going on and was kicking myself that I didn’t take photos to show you all. Well, no more. I’m going to get my act together. There is so much I want to share, from things like Temari to baking and everything else. I want to try to eat healthier, and gasp, return to my flexitarian cooking. I like that term a whole lot more than Vegetarian and recently picked up a cookbook at the local library with that title. It’s more like, I eat vegetarian most the time, but if I go to someone’s house, I don’t want to refuse what they are serving, so I keep a small amount of meat in my diet. Like shrimp and eggs and organic poultry and lamb. I found that when I eat local/organic meats, it doesn’t sit like a brick in my stomach. Anyway, so if I share with you what I’m making here, I’ll be more likely to cook and bake at home as well as stay away from supermarket meats.

I’m going to leave my old blog up, but I’ve decided not to transfer the posts here. It’s a new year soon, this is a new blog. Let us see what happens.

I’m doing a whole lot of sewing and such today, so I’ll post some wips later this afternoon. See you all soon!